Testimonials For Barnes & Miner


"We loved having Barnes and Miner (Amy and Jerry) for our Family Night. They are total pros...great communicators of the laughable side of real life. Their comedy, music and improv made for hilariously fun entertainment ...made you really glad you invited your friends and neighbors so they could experience church in a fresh, start-the-conversation way.. During the show, we offered a games & movie night for the kids. It was a home run on all accounts! "

- Karen Stefacek - Family Pastor, Vineyard Cincinnati

"Jerry and Amy are fantastic! They performed for our Couple's Date Night and were hilarious. People are still talking about what a great show it was months later. Their improv with the audience was a huge hit and their comedy appeals to everyone without being "churchy." I can't recommend them enough!"

- Pastor Tim Goodyear, Mountain Park Community Church

"Our church family loved our evening with Barnes & Miner. A perfect blend of comedy, audience interaction and truth for life. We wanted a night where folks could get away and laugh, and enjoy some great fellowship with one another in the process...Mission Accomplished."

- Pastor Bobby Fisher, Big Valley Grace Church

"Wonderful show. I am sure folks try to classify your genre of comedy- clean, family, whatever... You guys are just plain, laugh out loud funny!"

- Pastor Jim Turriff, Grace Lutheran Church

"Barnes & Miner are awesome to watch. They are able to laugh at their own differences and, as a result, everyone leaves feeling encouraged about their marriage. And, I can proudly say, I married them!"

- Pastor Dave Macer, Shepherd of the Hills, Antelope Valley

"Jerry and Amy have two great qualities: They have a strong faith and a great sense of humor. We have hired them numerous times at our church, and every time we are blessed and encouraged. I wholeheartedly recommend them!"

- Pastor Caleb Kaltenbach, Valley View Christian Church

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